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Brain Integration

Brain Integration


Brain Integration uses a process called an "Integration", which may be defined as the act of setting a goal, identifying dis-harmonious patterns related to the goal by "open" and "closed" spin-points, and reharmonizing discordant energy patterns through the numeric-geometric code language so that the intended goal may be accomplished with greater speed and ease.

An integration may focus on a goal or intentions relating to some area of a person's life with which he/she is dissatisfied or in which he/she has a desire to accelerate growth and understanding. The goals may center around issues of self-esteem, developing forgiveness, expressing joy, clearing dyslexia, enhancing memory, reading skills or any other issues and challenges.

During the actual integration one may experience "energy" moving through his/her body and feel introspectful and insightful. Immediately following the integration a person will feel mentally calm, centered, and optimistic and physically relaxed and energetic. Following the integration, the experience people often report is a remarkable shift in one's behavior, feelings or thoughts related to the goal.



With Integrations you can:

Improve performance
Improve co-ordination
Think more clearly
·Reduce learning stress affecting the physical body
Overcome Dyslexia and other
scholastic learning dysfunctions
·Increase memory
Brain harmony
Minimize stress
·Unlock talents and creativity
Build self-esteem
·Improve relationships
Conquer fears and phobias/addictions

Dr. Kettering and Patty Kettering have been Using Brain Integrations with their clients and personally for over 24 years.
"I am always amazed by the power of this simple therapy". Dr. Kam Kettering

Lancaster Chiropractor | Brain Integration. Dr. Kam Kettering is a Lancaster Chiropractor.